Friday, April 27, 2007

Soca by the falls - Somerset

A good time was had by all

As the soca season came to an end for 2007, I was encouraged to experience and soak up some of the soca passion. I went! Had a great time! If you know the term drop legs, that is what I did.

Caption: Carole and Arlene (my stylist)

That is another legacy which has been left behind.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lara goes out....

April 22, 2007

It is a guy you love to hate. He has made cricket over the last 15 years exciting to even anticipate. However, like all good things, they must come to an end. I wish Brian all the luck in the world. After he takes his break, I hope to see him with our youngsters, motivating them on to greatness.

West Indies has work to do to maintain some credibility and pride with its cricket. C'mom men...let us make some tough decision and get our cricket back on the pitch.

Honoured by Caymanas Track Limited

April 21, 2007

Talk about timing; as I am about to launch my latest project, things are falling into place nicely. Caymanas Track Limited (CTL), home of horseracing in Jamaica honoured women in sport - those in administration who have given yeoman service to respective sporting disciplines.

The areas represented were Track and field, netball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, volunteering, hockey, table tennis, women's football and women's cricket.

See some photo highlights.

It was a real honour

Sunday, April 15, 2007

well on my way


Lend me your ears...I am on my way, well on my way. The editor and designer are now in possession of the masterpiece - now keep your eyes and ears to the ground. As soon as that process is complete you will all know.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Things to ponder

Oh boy, what a month it has been!

Records fell at Boys and Girls Championships and then at the Junior Carifta Games. Yohan Blake continues to impress all of us. He wants to compete with the big "boys" in June to test his speed for the Osaka team (that is in Japan). Well June 28 is just around the corner.

We have a lot of talent on this little rock, however it does not stretch to the rest of the West Indies for cricket. Answer this can we be hosting and we not even give ourselves an opportunity to be in the top four?

I tell ya!
More time

Monday, April 9, 2007

Do or die for the Windies

We are in the super eight round of the ICC CWC 2007, and the Windies are faced with the team from South Africa. If WI win this match it may take them to the semis, one of which will be played at Sabina Park in Jamaica.
Can we get a glimpse of the real West Indies team?
Can the team players for the 2007 team show up?
Can the so-called Big Man, be a big man this time around?

Chris Gayle needs to show his true self this time...

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Bangladesh discombobulates South Africa

Talk about cricket being a game of glorious uncertainties...well on Saturday, April 7, Bangladesh whipped the ICC number one ranked team for One-days, South Africa (RSA) by 67 runs. Seems the so-called minnows are stepping up to "bat" and so...ICC CWC 2007, must go down in history as being the world cup with the most surprises.

I wish not to comment about the West Indies at this time...still thinking about it!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Fern"ace" birthday party

What a night this was in February 2007, as we celebrated with the Proctor on her birthday. A few us groovy gals posed up for a photo.
(l-r:) Tara, Arlene, Lesley Ann, Carole and Delaine.

It could be called "Girls night out"

Monday, April 2, 2007

Batch 151 - Mico College Reunion

Mico College Batch 151 had Founder's Day celebration on Friday, March 30 on the campus.After almost 20 years of entering the Mico, we returned to the Marescaux Road location for a grand day. In trur traditional style, we were hosted by current students and staff and we handed out a few awards.
That was not enough for some of us and we had brunch at Terra Nova on Sunday morning and walked in Emancipation Park in the afternnon.

l - r: Barbara and Grace

A good time was had by all!!!

Champs 2K7

Boys and Girls Champs 2007 was a great event and the Jamaican athletes continue to exhibit themselves as some of the greatest junior athletes in the world. Yohan Blake from St. Jago (Spanish Town, St. Catherine) was the best performing athlete of the four-day event. He broke the record in the individual 100 and 200 metres event; while he anchored his 4 X 100 metres and 4 X 400 metres relay teams to record times respectively.

Caption: A Calabar High school fan dons a wig in support of the green and black

Branding and Country

Branding and Country
by Carole Beckford

Last time we spoke I looked at Branding and Sport and in the real spirit of country; this week it is all about Branding and Country.

What does Jamaica represent? Well some may think rum, track and field, ackee, beaches etc. However I toyed with an interesting concept and I want to get your feedback. Lots of us make comparisons to animals in terms of style, size and ability to survive.

Well I asked the question of some of my friends, “If you were to describe Jamaica as an animal, which would it be and why?

See some of the responses:

A friend who has lived in New York for over 18 years says “A tiger … because of our people are smart, playful/fun-loving, while also being aggressive and fiercely competitive.”

A friend who is a communications specialists thinks “a mongrel dog…here is why he thought so “loyal and faithful to family and friends, ferocious against 'bad mind'; creature of habit, but can surprise; diversity in one body; easy to feel ashamed, but is quite boastful when the going is good.”

Jamaica Trade and Invest (JAMPRO) recently launched a campaign on Business Brand Jamaica which focused on creativity, reliability, supportiveness, excellence and integrity as qualities we ought to establish to make Jamaica a better destination for doing business.

Lesley-Ann Thompson, a marketing specialist says, “a lioness...Jamaica is proud and strong...enjoys hot climates and although smaller than its first world neighbours, it’s still a force to be reckoned with. Like lionesses, Jamaica is a ferocious fighter and this can be a positive or a negative thing, depending on the circumstances.”

A wild tiger, a piranha, a cow and a bull were among the answers I also got which focused on qualities like supportiveness.

Project Manager speaks

However a project manager I spoke to had a different view. He had a lot to say. He thinks Jamaica is like a rabbit and he tells why; “jumping here and there as it relates to policy directive, changing strategies as soon as they prop up globally, always affected by external shocks, have been able to mitigate against external shocks on the financial perspective but only just. Jamaica is very aware of current trends, current affairs; always in the thick of things, negatively and positively impacting change. Frisky but delicate at times having an acute awareness for nature and its environment. Having many offshoots, the Jamaican Diaspora is far and widely dispersed.”

My sister thought Jamaica is like a dog- because dogs can be friendly, fierce (violent), man's best friend, some are interesting looking cute even diverse looks. Then it moves to a research analyst who thinks Jamaica is like a “croaking lizard…Able to change its skin to match its environment and escape trouble. With qualities that can make your blood run cold but a creature that is a household name and not going anywhere for a while.”

A promoter thinks Jamaica is a “Donkey (Jack Ass)…these animals are known for bearing heavy loads without complaining, while a HR specialist says “a young colt...energetic, frisky, daring even in the face of inexperience.”

One thing I know Jamaica is a beautiful place to live and certainly to do business – we all should make it the best animal in the world.

Please send me your feedback to

Taking bold steps

This is the year for taking bold steps in life and I am attempting a major project for which I will need all your support. It is something I have always wanted to do and this year is better than ever to do it. Guess what? It is a book. Won't tell you what will be in there yet, but if you know me, you would know what is likely to be in it.

I have been down this blog road before and was a late non starter, however I am all set this time. Look out for new exciting information for 2007. The year got off to a flying start and lots of things have happened with Jamaica's preparation for Cricket World Cup. A total of nine countries (should have been three) in the Caribbean is playing host to the rest of the world. West Indies does not even have the pride and place to do well.

The Reggae Boys are back on the hunt for a place in World Cup football - Back to Africa - 2010 - where the next football world cup will be. Seems like yesterday we were glued to our television sets in June to July 2006 for six weeks of glorious football. My team bombed out too early. More anon.

I will update as often as I can, as I hope to make all my 'peeps' happy' this year.

Take care, until