Monday, April 2, 2007

Taking bold steps

This is the year for taking bold steps in life and I am attempting a major project for which I will need all your support. It is something I have always wanted to do and this year is better than ever to do it. Guess what? It is a book. Won't tell you what will be in there yet, but if you know me, you would know what is likely to be in it.

I have been down this blog road before and was a late non starter, however I am all set this time. Look out for new exciting information for 2007. The year got off to a flying start and lots of things have happened with Jamaica's preparation for Cricket World Cup. A total of nine countries (should have been three) in the Caribbean is playing host to the rest of the world. West Indies does not even have the pride and place to do well.

The Reggae Boys are back on the hunt for a place in World Cup football - Back to Africa - 2010 - where the next football world cup will be. Seems like yesterday we were glued to our television sets in June to July 2006 for six weeks of glorious football. My team bombed out too early. More anon.

I will update as often as I can, as I hope to make all my 'peeps' happy' this year.

Take care, until

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