Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sport Psychology - Understated in The Business of Sport

April 29 - KINGSTON, One of the understated, but important aspects of The Business of Sport is Maintaining the Competitive Edge – Sport Psychology. This year’s renewal of two-day conference will focus on that message in Session 2 on Day one of the May 3 – 4 event at the Jamaica Pegasus. The session will feature three international experts who have plied their trade extensively in the sporting arena. Dr. Jason Scott Hamilton who is Florida-based is the president and founder of Elite Sports Psychology (ESP) and is the dean of the Doral Campus of Strayer University. He presented in a series of workshops in Jamaica in January this year. The participants for the workshops he hosted included athletes, students, sporting officials and associations, and the topics covered were: personality, coaching, team dynamics, youth versus adult competition, stages of development, scholarships and the good and bad aspects for a national athlete. Dr. Hamilton is happy to report that due to his intervention some of the athletes had some success this season “a few of the boys won a basketball title, the track and field athletes had personal bests and they have kept in touch.” E. Patrick Miller who is coming to Jamaica for the first time is one of the most respected Health & Wellness Coaches in the sports, corporate coaching, and entertainment industries. He is one of the pioneers and founding fathers of sports psychology. He has worked with high school, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes as well as numerous professional teams in all sports, for over 25 years. These "phenoms" and professionals have exceptional talent and drive, but something and/or someone typically gets in the way of their historical success. As the “Zenn Coach,” E. is a spiritualist who has taught thousands of people transcendent and integrated meditation, which he uses along with his clinical, academic, and neuro-chemistry background. He is based in California. Jamaican psychiatrist, Dr. Wendel Abel, is the other speaker on that panel. He is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Medical Science at the University of West Indies, Mona. He has studied, researched and written on depression extensively; but will focus on the role of communities in supporting their stars, who generally emerges from those communities. The session is scheduled for Thursday, May 3 and will be from 1:00 – 3:00 pm Maintaining the Competitive Edge – The Psychology of Winning This session will explain the mental state necessary to cope successfully with competing with the best Presenters: • Dr. Jason Scott Hamilton – Clinical and Sport Psychologist, IOC Certified • E. Patrick Miller – Personal Growth and Sport Consultant • Dr. Wendel Abel, Jamaican Psychiatrist Moderator: Kai Morgan, Clinical Psychologist The two-day event is costing US$150 or J$13,000 for each participant and registration can be done online at The event is a Carole Beckford and Associates and Strategic Corporate Interventions production brought to you by Jamaica Tourist Board, FLOW Jamaica, Supreme Outdoor, Stocks and Securities Limited, Supreme Ventures, BMW, Jamaica Pegasus, KLAS Sports Radio, Wisynco, SportsMax, Samuda and Johnson, Island Car Rental, Singer Jamaica Limited, Usain Bolt Tracks and Records and Alhambra Inn

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sporting Experts in Kngston - May 3 - 4

The Business of Sport is an international forum for leaders in business and commerce in the sport industry; and an opportunity for movers and shakers to exchange ideas regarding a sector which has now been recognized to be an industry. It also provides managers and athletes an insight into their own business and how they can best leverage talent, expertise and value to achieve personal and corporate success. There will be special presentations by Ministers of Sport, Youth & Culture and Tourism - Hon Natalie Neita Headley, Hon Lisa Hanna and Dr. Wykeham McNeill. Conference starts at 8:30 on both days Underpinning of Contracts ■Milton Samuda ■Mike Townley ■Christopher Samuda Maintaining the Competitive Edge ■Dr. Jason Scott Hamilton ■E. Patrick Miller ■Dr. Wendel Abel Image and Dollars ■Ato Boldon ■Bernard Stewart ■Oliver McIntosh ■Kim Bernard Day 2 - Friday, May 4 Money Management in Sport ■Horace Madison ■Steve Wyche ■Scott Kamisnky ■Ryan Strachan Sport and Culture ■Kam-Au Amen ■Dr. Christopher Charles ■Benjamin Bailey Athletes - Up close and personal ■Sandie Richards ■Corey Hicks ■Robbie Earle You can register at and it is US$150 or J$13,000 There is also an impressive list of moderators - Patrick Anderson, Kai Morgan, Michael McMorris, Stephen Bell, Lisa Simone Bell, Robert Richards, Sonjah Stanley with lunch time presentations by Stocks and Securities Limited and Team Jamaica Bickle. The event is brought to you to by Carole Beckford & Associaties and Strategic Corporate Interventions - sponsored by Jamaica Tourist Board, FLOW Jamaica, Supreme Outdoor, Stocks and Securities Limited, Supreme Ventures, BMW, Jamaica Pegasus, KLAS Sports Radio, Wisynco, Sportsmax, Samuda and Johnson, Island Car Rental, Usain Bolt Tracks and Records and Alhambra Inn

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sporting Experts and Professionals meet in Jamaica

April 22 - Not wanting to be left out of the multi-billion Business of Sport industry, Carole Beckford and Associates & Strategic Corporate Interventions have teamed up to host over 17 Sporting professionals and experts to talk strategy about The Business of Sport. The two-day sit down which will be held at the Jamaica Pegasus in Kingston, starting May 3 will focus on some key areas of contracts, psychology, image and money management, culture and sport and will have former athletes who have been successful. The conference in its second year has attracted among several experts, Bernard Stewart - ESPN; Mike Townley - international solicitor; Horace Madison and Scott Kaminsky - money management experts; while NFL commentator, Steve Wyche and NBC expert track and field Ato Boldon will talk about image and sports. The list, though not exhaustive, will include branding experts, Benjamin Bailey and Kam-Au Amen; while the athletes to tell their side will include USA decathlete, Corey Hicks, Jamaican Olympian, Sandie Richards and ESPN Expert analyst, Robbie Earle. One key area added this year is Sport Psycholgy, and NBA expert psychologist E.Patrick Miller; IOC certified, Jason Scott Hamilton and Jamaican expert psychiatrist, Wendel Abel, complete the list of speakers for that session - Maintaining the Competitive Edge. Registrations can be done online at the fee is US$150 or J$13,000. The conference in the last year, has attracted attorneys, business and marketing professionals, students and sport administrators. The registration so far has highlighted this group again, but conference organisers would like even the curious to join the discussion. The two-day conference will be powered live by Flow Jamaica who has partnered with the conference since last year. The list of sponsors who are from private and public sector, have also been supported by Stocks and Securities Limited, Wisynco, KLAS Sport Radio, Sportsmax TV, JAMPRO, EXIM Bank of Jamaica, BMW, The Jamaica Pegasus and the Branding arm of Government, the Jamaica Tourist Board. The conference combines plenary sessions, business to business matchmaking and special addresses to include the Minister with responsibility for Sport, Natalie Neita Headley; while key partnerships are being established with Island Car Rental, Supreme Outdoor Advertising, Tracks and Records and key media personnel from Jamaica and the region. The world is preparing for the Summer Olympics, less than 100 days away and the World Cup of Football to be held in Brazil in 2014 among a host of other major sporting events over the next five years. "Economies are developing because of earnings from Sport and Jamaica has to be a part of this melting pot," says Milton Samuda, who is doubling as organiser and presenter.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Myths about Public Relations

- It is all about press releases and press conferences
o PR is a cutting edge profession using more strategic approaches
- Once you breakthrough with publicity, you are good
o The same media which pulls you up will let you down hard
- Good products do not need publicity, only bad ones
o You will always want people to know how great your product is
- PR cannot be measured, hence it is not important
o You can’t pin the number down
- PR means controlling the press
o That is not possible
- PR is a job for old reporters
- PR is all about Spin, propaganda and slogans
o PR is really a strategy and requires much more
- PR is easy
o Did I say it was a strategy? Yes it is and requires careful thought
and finally, PR is not it isn't...PR actually complements Marketing