Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Andre

ANDRE is 13 today, Saturday, September 22

A - active
N - neat
D - detailed (trying hard to be)
R - responsible
E - energetic

My son, Andre P. Helps

Monday, September 17, 2007

No Sun Shone for Jamaica's netball team

Jamaica's Sunshine Girls suffered the biggest defeat by England in over 15 years, when they went down 52 - 32 in game one of a three test series on Monday, September 17.

The venue of the National Indoor Sport Centre, where Jamaica beat England 46 - 42 in 2003 for third place, saw England leading at the end of each quarter of the game; 10 -8: 24 - 14; 38 - 25;

As Jamaica prepares for the 12th WOrld Netball Championship scheduled for New Zealand in November 2007, they will be hard pressed to maintain the number three spot in the world. In the meantime, England has had encouraging series against South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Only time will tell!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

On the tip of my tongue...with DICKEY

Well dears,

It is right on the tip of my tell you that Eric Jerome Dickey was in town, yes Kingston and I was there to see him live and direct.

LA, CJT and ROR...three of Dickey's greatest fans encouraged me to attend the launch of Dickey's latest "Waking with Enemies" another riveting piece from the master himself.
Well as I am sure you can well imagine, there were scores of women and men lined up to have their copies autographed. Nonetheless I never got in the line (I hate lines), but needless to say "I wuz very happy to be dere"

If you haven't read Sleeping with Strangers yet, you should...cause then you will the whole picture.

Hail to the Dickey fans!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Course Changed...and much more

Well I am sure you all know there is a new government in Jamaica. Orrett Bruce Golding becomes the island's eighth Prime Minister and will be sworn in on September 11 at 4:00 p.m.

Bruce also says if current members of the Civil Service were performing up to standard, there will be no major changes. What of the non-performers? I wait to see...

He is to announce his Cabinet soon. Let's see how they deal with sports.

Speaking of sports...Asafa Powell tried to erase the disappointment of the World Championships (Osaka); when he erased his own time to run a blistering 9:74 seconds in Reiti, Italy on Sunday, September 9. WOW! It is another world record...performance.

Singapore beat T&T in Netball - what is that all about?

England's netball team will be here in Kingston (September 16 to 21) to play against the Sunshine girls. World Netball Championship is in New Zealand in November.

Captain Horace Burrell will head JFF (again) as of November 4, 2007