Saturday, May 5, 2007


Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) now has history at its finger tips if it can have the second under 17 team (boys) qualify for the world cup, scheduled for South Korea. Jamaica edged USA three goals to two...coming from a 2 - 0 deficit at half time.

Jamaica scored the first goal in the 78th minute...again in the 82nd and from a penalty in time added on. What an unbelievable win that was which saw the first time a Jamaican team beating the USA in any age group in football.

Jamaica beats the USA in netball frequently.

South Korea here we come

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craig said...

What’s right with Jamaican football?

Most of the nay sayers opine that Jamaica has missed the boat yet again after failing to qualify for the FIFA U-17 World Cup Korea Republic 2007 which will be held August 18 September 9.2007. But I believe that whilst this is a definite setback there is a silver lining within this dark cloud. Jamaica’s failing to qualify should not rest on the shoulders of our young boys; the Soca Warriors did themselves proud both on the field and off. The administrators of T & T football have done their homework and have shown that they have the necessary prerequisite to lead a team despite the obstacles. Jamaica’s failure rest with us.

Our football administration have the misfortune of squandering opportunities yet again who will take up the mantle now of molding our talented youngsters. Surely Bora can’t be the only savior around. The reggae boys ship will sail again, if not this year but next year. David Hunt has been associated with football for almost 30 years but this time we find that obviously all the pieces were not working together. Alas, he did the noble thing by resigning but he alone should not be the only casualty. There is a perceived lack of insight on the path of our administrators that has left us in this precarious position.

The team led ably by their captain Denver Orgil used sure grit and determination to take us thus far. Their touch and ball control was superb. There were times when substitutions made by the coach did not go down well with the crowd, but all in all the team stood up to true test. The young boyz did a big mans job.

What we need now is for the administration to step up; the team in essence is a good one. The way forward is to keep this unit together; we must not be daunted by statistic about failing to qualify yet again. We beat the Mighty United States who have qualified for a record 12 consecutive tournaments, the Mexicans but most of all we have beat ourselves up time and time again all because we have not had a proper all encompassing strategy for Jamaica Football.

The way forward is to have the correct team both on and off the field working together. What’s right with Jamaican football is that we have the pedigree to bounce back, the competence to showcase our talents on the world stage most importantly we have the god given talent to excel in whatever we put our minds to.