Saturday, August 4, 2007

NDTC's 45th year - celebration

Jamaica's list of unmistakable talent is one which any small developing country would desire. However, since 1962, the National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC) under the guidance of Prof. Rex Nettleford, has taken dance to a "new level"

I had the distinct pleasure of seeing this talented group of dancers on August 3 and they displayed an impressive arrangement of dances. The season with its usual opening in the Emancipendence period (August 1), highlights stories which are international but told in a uniquely Jamaican way. Prof Nettleford and his team of choreographers, dancers, singers and production team, lightens ones heart with song and dance.

I particularly like the "Crossing"; "Out of Many" and of course "Hill and Gully Ride"

The Crossing
It depicts the challenges of an American family with suffering, survival and separation; features music from one of America's greatest - Quincy Jones. The dancers inspired the set through dance-drama and the lighting was simply fabulous!

Out of Many
This piece was based on a quote from Nelson Mandela "Never again shall it be that this beautiful land shall ever experience oppression of one by another" - exhilarating it was and it will tease the minds of the young and free spirited (even at heart).

You know we can depend on the professor to end with a BANG and "Hill and Gully" shows the real Jamaican flavour. Choreographed by Chris Walker and accompanied by Marjorie Whylie and team...identified with taste, look and feel of the Jamaican.

So until August 12, if you are in Kingston, Jamaica and you wanna see the NDTC, it is at the little theatre, Tom Redcam Drive. Showtime is generally at 8:00 p.m.

"I will return as a dancer..."

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