Saturday, September 15, 2007

On the tip of my tongue...with DICKEY

Well dears,

It is right on the tip of my tell you that Eric Jerome Dickey was in town, yes Kingston and I was there to see him live and direct.

LA, CJT and ROR...three of Dickey's greatest fans encouraged me to attend the launch of Dickey's latest "Waking with Enemies" another riveting piece from the master himself.
Well as I am sure you can well imagine, there were scores of women and men lined up to have their copies autographed. Nonetheless I never got in the line (I hate lines), but needless to say "I wuz very happy to be dere"

If you haven't read Sleeping with Strangers yet, you should...cause then you will the whole picture.

Hail to the Dickey fans!


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Lesley-Ann Thompson said...

The words tongue and dickey used in the same sentence...You Go GIRL!!!!