Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jamaica Women in Sport Society (JWISS)

Well I am up to my old tricks...I have started yet another project, one which I think will work wonders. I have a great team of advisors, from sporting areas and marketing & communications.

Jamaica Women in Sport Society (JWISS) aims to improve opportunities for women in sport and physical education. The team is committed to promoting and increasing opportunities and roles for women at all levels. The team will campaign for change in the way we approach information, education, research and training to support increased opportunities for women in sport.

The JWISS will consist of a small team of women with experience in administration, competition, research, marketing and promotion of sport at all levels.

Main activities

• Influence and lead national, regional and international groups to ensure equity in policies, strategies and programmes in sport development
• Inform and design educational programmes to bring about a greater awareness for initiatives aimed at improving the status of women in sport
• Motivate women to pursue careers in sport
• Undertake research activities to set reference points for best practices in the sector
• Raise funds to assist women in sport

This is a fully registered BUSINESS.

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Craig D. Thomas said...

make this work as there is a place for this type of team