Friday, November 21, 2008

Burrell blames Simoes

Management of a Sporting Organisation

Jamaica has so many pluses regarding sport and its ability to unite the people. The men and women of Jamaica has, for in over 60 years performed at the highest level and have brought significant attention to the country, right across the world.

One thing that has been questionable, is the ability of our sport adminstrators to manage effectively. It becomes even more difficult when we have the extensive talent we still continue to have in this country.

On the matter of football...Brazilian, Rene Simoes came to Jamaica in the 1990s and returned in the 2008, but the results were different. Jamaica qualified for France in 1998; in 2008 the story change. Both times though under the leadership of Captain Horace Burrell. What then has changed...error in judgement.

Burrell as the employer is to be blamed as was Simoes for the failure of the Jamaican team to make it to the final round of the 2010 World Cup, scheduled for South Africa.

There were way too many experiments at the national level with coaches and the selection of the team for each match was way off. Burrell has to take the blame.

As for his comment regarding local coaches and the national team, lesson 1: "we have to believe in our own, for others to believe is us"...Captain, your comments are way off base and is a disservice to Theodore Whitmore, who has a 100 per cent record. Doesn't results matter? I thought so!

Whitmore needs to be invested in. He knows the football, create in him a master of Jamaican style of football. Why countries want to import our services and we are busy importing services from overseas.

Train him! It can be done! Burrell has to be made responsible for his action, it is not for him to pass the blame.

Track and field has successfully used local coaches and its success is tremendous. Look at Glen Mills, Stephen Francis and DOnald Quarrie, they are all being sought overseas.

Football can copy this template. Especially when the Manning and Dacosta Cup competitions are just as competitive as the high schools track and field. Both have the same base at the school level.

Just some ideas for the Jamaica Football Federation...plan, plan, plan; short, medium and long term planning.

Let's get cracking for the 2014 World Cup!

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