Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time to WALK in Falmouth

I will support the move by the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) to 'pedestrianise' the town of Falmouth only if they can show that the town's businesses will flourish because of that adjustment.

Falmouth and by extension the parish of Trelawny will be opening its doors to new business opportunities within the next year as a new pier is being built and large cruise lines are expected to come to those shores.

What are the benefits?
1. a cleaner space
2. opportunity for a unique shopping experience
3. operators of the businesses to take better care of their facilities
4. better use of the spaces which were originally created for cultural and social interaction
5. greater awareness of the rich history of the town of Falmouth (our heritage has taken a battering that side)
6. better access to the market

What should therefore happen

1. Alternative, safe (PAID) parking facilities (great way to raise money for maintenance and hiring of staff)
2. Proper signage so people know how to use the town
3. Dialogue with the key stakeholders so all are on the same page

Several opportunities will arise and proper planning has to start NOW, if it has not started yet. The satkeholders are well known and the local authorities along with key lead agencies MUST now begin to act.

If the projections for Falmouth are any way close to what is suggested, then we are already behind in planning, but we have a short window of opportunity to get this right.

Falmouth is waiting to 'buss' out

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