Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Job Description for Jamaica's next PM

Now is a good time, if ever, to put together a job description for Jamaica's Prime Minister. Over the last 49 years we have been really testing the leadership/management of this country and while some things have worked, there are a lot more things that could change.

The next PM should be a good manager
The next PM should be a good negotiator
The next PM should understand protocol
The next PM should be able to make decisions in a timely manner
The next PM should be able to select the best team to carry out the work required to grow Jamaica
The next PM should at least know what industries are trending and select the champions to move them ahead
The next should have read the following books over the last five years - The Politics of Change - Michael Manley; Animal Farm - George Orwell; Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe; Humility - Andrew Miller; Leading without Power (will find the author)
The next PM should have had another job outside of politics
The next PM should have some volunteer experience

I know there are more things to add, but this could be a good start....

P.S. I know commitment to people is important, but since that cannot be measured whether by an interview or by a psychometric, I will stick to these for now.

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Collington Rowe said...

Leading Without Power by Max De Pree