Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sporting Experts in Kngston - May 3 - 4

The Business of Sport is an international forum for leaders in business and commerce in the sport industry; and an opportunity for movers and shakers to exchange ideas regarding a sector which has now been recognized to be an industry. It also provides managers and athletes an insight into their own business and how they can best leverage talent, expertise and value to achieve personal and corporate success. There will be special presentations by Ministers of Sport, Youth & Culture and Tourism - Hon Natalie Neita Headley, Hon Lisa Hanna and Dr. Wykeham McNeill. Conference starts at 8:30 on both days Underpinning of Contracts ■Milton Samuda ■Mike Townley ■Christopher Samuda Maintaining the Competitive Edge ■Dr. Jason Scott Hamilton ■E. Patrick Miller ■Dr. Wendel Abel Image and Dollars ■Ato Boldon ■Bernard Stewart ■Oliver McIntosh ■Kim Bernard Day 2 - Friday, May 4 Money Management in Sport ■Horace Madison ■Steve Wyche ■Scott Kamisnky ■Ryan Strachan Sport and Culture ■Kam-Au Amen ■Dr. Christopher Charles ■Benjamin Bailey Athletes - Up close and personal ■Sandie Richards ■Corey Hicks ■Robbie Earle You can register at and it is US$150 or J$13,000 There is also an impressive list of moderators - Patrick Anderson, Kai Morgan, Michael McMorris, Stephen Bell, Lisa Simone Bell, Robert Richards, Sonjah Stanley with lunch time presentations by Stocks and Securities Limited and Team Jamaica Bickle. The event is brought to you to by Carole Beckford & Associaties and Strategic Corporate Interventions - sponsored by Jamaica Tourist Board, FLOW Jamaica, Supreme Outdoor, Stocks and Securities Limited, Supreme Ventures, BMW, Jamaica Pegasus, KLAS Sports Radio, Wisynco, Sportsmax, Samuda and Johnson, Island Car Rental, Usain Bolt Tracks and Records and Alhambra Inn

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