Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jamaican Hume Johnson making academic waves

Most recently The University of Waikato in New Zealand appointed Dr. Hume Johnson for a third year in a row, Honorary Status as an Associate in The Political Science and Public Policy Programme. This means that the University still sees her as member of the community. She will continue to do good will on its behalf. That sucess has been translated to her being a part of the marketing for the Faculty of Arts and Social Science and in other ways, she continues to spread goodwill. She also, most recently also wrote a recommendation for her former Doctoral Supervsior in the Politics Department, Dr Priya Kurian, for a University wide Award for which she is nominated. Here is the profile of Dr Hume Johnson that is to be used as part of the marketing campaign of the Faculty of Arts and Social Science at the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. She currently holds a Doctor of Philosophy, Political Science and Public Policy and is an Assistant Professor, Media and Communications and Public Relations at the Roger Williams University, Rhode Island, USA. Hume is now an assistant professor of media communications and public relations at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, United States. She is also a Political Analyst with the Jamaican media and author of the book ‘Challenges to Civil Society: Popular Protest and Governance in Jamaica’. She spends much of her day doing research, preparing and researching her lectures, grading and giving feedback on students work, and attending meetings with students and faculty. Hume also spends a lot of time working on her second book which will address communication and media relations in crisis, writing papers and book chapters, and keeping up to date on what is happening in the area of civil society and governance in Jamaica. She also operates a blog entitled ‘Talking Politics’, and is regularly tweeting to influence national conversations in Jamaica. She is also working on a civics book, which she hopes will be added to the Jamaican school curriculum, especially given the recent re-introduction of the teaching of civics in schools in Jamaica. The book explores what it means to be a citizen of Jamaica. Another goal of Dr Johnson is to help to advance Brand Jamaica. For Hume, Jamaica’s brand is much more music and sport, but anchors also on the policies of the Government of Jamaica and the behaviour of Jamaican citizens. She hopes to be an ambassador with a focus on public and cultural diplomacy. Dr. Johnson attended the Ferncourt High School in Claremont, St. Ann.

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