Sunday, January 27, 2013

Physical Education instructors need to step in

Lots of sporting areas are being explored and lots more schools, clubs and teams are emerging into competition. The year all round has sporting events that any athlete can participate in. That is good for the consumers and even the sponsors as the consistent prmotion, display and even distribution of products and services get a lifeline for the period of the event. There are however, a few areas of concern. While we enjoy watching these athletes run, hop, play football, netball etc, we are keen to note the injuries and sometimes the inability of the athletes to perform basic skills. So it begs the question, who are the people who prepare these athletes? As a trained physical education teacher I know of the value of preparation (assessment of the athletes) equipment and training facilities competition - how to win recovery rest Once those areas are done effectively, the athletes will sometimes go through multiple competitions without sustaining any major injuries. The plan must be structured and be coordinated to benefit the athlete ultimately. There are too many reports of injuries and obvious inability of the athletes to go through their respective seasons without challenges. The other key area is nutrition which must be enforced. I think Jamaica has enough trained PE teachers in its system to support the work of these sporting bodies as they should, as with the sport industry evolving, the main stakeholders must be protected. The athletes are sport's brand and all efforts are to be made to keep them healthy, competitive and marketable. I do beleive it is an open opportunity for PE teachers to join forces to make a statement so the country can have better prepared athletes. There are ways of getting together - an association, meetings, forums, workshops and seminars. Dispel the myth that sports people are not as 'bright' as others and join hands and hearts for healthier athletes. What say you?

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