Saturday, February 18, 2012

Australia vs. West Indies - March 16 to April 27

I must admit this note is being written with a little bit of anger, so forgive my use of emotive language.

I have not seen or heard of a WICB development plan in a long time, so I am not sure what they have planned for
■player development
■venue development
■financial planning and growth
■media rights and broadcasting
■export of players
■human resource management
■capacity building for countries

What then I ask, what are the statistics with respect to hosting events in the region? What are the top earning venues and how are we going to develop the others? Is this the first time Australia is coming to the West Indies and not playing in Jamaica?

My idea for any tour would depend on the following
■ground transportation
■training facilities
■crowd support/fan base
■foreign exchange rates
■media output
■safety and security

Jamaica as a top-rated tourist destination by any survey has most if not all those in place at a very high standard...then why isn't Sabina Park a venue of choice?

Now it takes me to the point of LEADERSHIP...each participating country must have a plan which includes all the things I mentioned above which feeds into an overall programme and then the WICB would design programmes aimed at improving the sport - amidst all the accusations of insularity, mismanagement, bad mind and just plain inability to get the job done.

One of the best assets in cricket is not representing the WI now. Why? Because a few ill-advised persons have taken it on themselves to apply justice, natural justice and personal vendettas against him (Chris Gayle); and the JCA has said nothing.

We want answers

We want efficient people to lead

We want people with a CRICKET agenda

We want the best business and financial model

Andy Cummings was FAR less a cricketer than Chris and T&T made their voices heard....go figure!

I am sick and tired of the about you?

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