Monday, February 13, 2012

Rihanna and the Willie Bounce

The 54th Grammy Awards celebration is now behind us. I enjoyed the 'throw back' because I got to enjoy some really first class music being modernized. I am happy to know Bruce Springstein is still relevant, Bruno Mars gave us a doo-wop performance something Frankie Lymon (Why Do Fools Fall in Love) would have been proud of; The Beach Boys; Glen Campbell (Rhinestone Cowboy) and much more. Chris Brown's Lip Sync was classic, he showed off his physical abilities and his dancers did their thing.

Rihanna has been blazing the trail and representing herself well...and has some firsts in terms of digital sales etc. I may know enough of her music, but her Caribbean origin has is well known, but she has impacted on the world scale and she continues to make inroads. So her 'Willie Bounce' was the topic of discussion last night and into this morning and I am appalled at the words thrown at this lady.

They have been from her physical look, hair, dance moves, videos and the information was almost too much for me; but I say this to say...

1. So she has used Willie Bounce - so what? What have we done with the dance if it is ours

2. The young lady knows her market and is driving her product to meet the needs of her market

3. She obviously knows the power of the Jamaican we? If so, how are we using it?

I find us quick to criticise, vilify, destroy people by our comments, without offering a palatable solution, and I am bothered; especially since we are in an economy that the creative sectors of sport and entertainment are so valuable.

I challenge our entertainers and those who manage and support to use our skills, expertise and talent to explore the options, put in to practice and make MONEY from it. In the meantime protect the enviable Jamaican Brand...use what is positive to enhance the Brand and by extension see it as a by product of the rich culture Jamaica has.

Leave Rihanna alone....Mind your own business.

Note: I heard Jeffrey Campbell on RJR 94 FM on Palav and he represented his craft, himself, family and JAMAICA at a level I wish some of our entertainers should. Call Gerry McDaniel at RJR to hear the programme. It was a joy to listen to.

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