Saturday, March 3, 2012

WICB and Caribbean Relevance

The recent unfortunate outburst in the form of a letter from the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) to Prime Minister of Jamaica, Portia Simpson Miller, has caused me great concern in how today's leaders will impact on the next generation in terms of leadership, management, human relations and even how to relate to each other. We often think that the ones who shout the loudest are the ones with the most sense; but in fact they are most times the ones with less to contribute.

The community spirit which once existed with us being our brothers' keepers needs to return and I would like to see the Caribbean being posited as

destination for Business
destination for Sport
destination where people can grow their children and relate to each other respectfully
destination where visitors will want to come to, to relax and enjoy the rich culture
destination where our young entrepreneurs will thrive because elements of Government/Governance have been created to enable growth and development
...and I could go on

We ought to be able to work out what is best for us. Each region is doing what is requires to survive, however, the globalised economy does not require the kind of infighting that is showing its ugly head. We the Caribbean people have some areas that we have shown the world we are strong at and it is high time we maintain that status quo

Cricket is the one sport we have as a region and it should be worthy of proper and effective management. What Ernest Hilaire and Julian Hunte and the rest of the Board have done to cricket is worthy of punishment; however as we seek to resolve this in short order we ask that a mediation team be set up to come to closure.

Again I ask the question...What good is CARICOM or UWI for that matter, both Caribbean-wide organisation and institution?

Without calling names, I would hope we people with integrity and credibility in the region we can call to intervene. This is urgent matter and must be dealt with now. Two weeks ago I urged the WICB to resolve the Jamaica/Chris Gayle impasse within 30 days....there are 15 days left. I wish we would honour this and MOVE ON.

I wait patiently for an amicable solution.

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robert rashford said...

Good article Carole...well on point,it's my firm belive though that West Indies cricket and Caricom has outlive it's usefulness and it's time we move beyond these two institutions, our sentiments might tell us otherwise but, the reality is they are not working for us so,it's time to move on.