Monday, April 29, 2013

The Business of Sport Ministerial Forum

A Business Ministerial Forum KINGSTON, April 29 Ministers of Sport in the region will, have conversations with sport associations, coaches, managers, athletes, sponsors and corporate interests in the inaugural ministerial forum at the Business of Sport International Conference slated for May 1 and 2. Minister Natalie Neita-Headley will, along with Ministers of Sport from Barbados, the Hon. Stephen Lashley and from Belize, the Hon. Herman Longsworth, present in a session that will be moderated by Carole Beckford, President of the Business of Sport who describes the forum as "timely, relevant and essential to policy integrity, integration and efficacy both locally and regionally". The session "Sport Entities, the Government, National Policy and the Body Politic" will provide a blueprint for sport associations and federations in creating viable systems of management of the entity and the athlete. It will also examine the relationship between government and umbrella organizations in constructing and implementing a successful national sport policy and in fostering a viable sport industry. "This ministerial forum is the first at our conference and we intend to institutionalize it as we advocate for a Sport Ministers Council for the region to unify policy and action and establish mutually beneficial business models" remarked Business of Sport Partner Christopher Samuda. The Business of Sport seeks in this forum to bring together the governors and the governed, from a sport policy perspective, in re-enforcing the value of continual collaboration and partnerships in building a sport industry and economy. It will also underscore the need to bring stakeholders, particularly sport associations and federations, into the framework of policy making, action and implementation as part of their profile of success. The conference is being hosted by Carole Beckford & Associates and Strategic Corporate Interventions Limited under the theme "Change the Game".

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