Saturday, May 4, 2013

WHY? The Business of Sport

The third edition of the International Conference of The Business of Sport just ended in Kingston this past week and from all indications, the Caribbean at large has great potential. How many times are we going to be saying that though? And we will....however, there are some glaring opportunities available from this billion dollar industry (estimated at 632 billion US dollars) that makes up the world wide stake. The Caribbean with an estimated 7 million population which has produced some of the world's best in recent times is certainly creating those chances. The concept of the trilogy - the athlete, coach and manager to brand development, image rights, financial literacy, role of government to taking that break were the topics discussed at this year's renewal under the theme Change the Game. The other discussions were Get in the Game and Stay in the Game. How then can we really Change the Game? In borrowing a mission from Access Athletes, The Business of Sport is really "designed to provide professional athletes with the necessary tools to empower themselves and master their careers", but we can add that this process will also provide employment for support staff, a community and ultimately a nation, while strategically positioning the athlete, sport and the country's image. The point is, we all can get involved - we consume the product of sport through devices, live and related events; we buy merchandise , we follow them on social media, we send our children to camps and there are so many other ways to connect; so we have to consider who are the major contributors, sponsors to these brands (athletes) which generate a significant amount of money to be able to keep the business of sport ongoing? We are - we pay for the events, goods and we buy related products. How many of us, may want to buy a beverage because one of our favourite athletes promotes it? Or who wants to buy a shoe because....we know the answer. On the other hand, there are always the other side to the story....these same athletes make mistakes, all kinds of mistakes, not in keeping with the image that we want and then what... The Business of Sport then aims to educate, inform and provide a platform for entertainment. We are cognisant of that fact and the partners at Samuda & Johnson, Strategic Corporate Intervention Limited & Carole Beckford & Associates are committed to making this happen. See you in 2014... we will tell you where. We will Spread the Game! Keep in touch at

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