Saturday, May 11, 2013

Physical Education & Sport vs the rest

The fact that Physical Education and Sport are now being recognised rightfully as an academic course and business respectively - this has opened up discussions which are highlighting the lack of understanding of the subject areas. I would clearly state here * There is a difference between Physical Education and Sport * Physical Education now has for the last five years, exams at the highest level from CSEC and to be offered soon at the CAPE level * Sport, through its competition has been known to impact on a society - socially, economically, psychologically * Sport Business world wide is valued at close to a trillion dollars Based on some recent outbursts, there may be suggestions that sport is being overused in high schools; is distracting the institutions from their core work; is damaging the reputation of students. I challenge the writer that the rest of the education system needs to catch so it can efficiently and effectively manage its portfolio, which includes Physical Education. The study of Physical Education is academic, it looks closely of the study of the relationship with mind, body and soul. What about that isn't academic? Then Sport is the competitive, strategic and now economic viability of PE aimed at generating wealth, equality and recognition for people and country. We treat tradition as tradition and think we should not make adjustments, because that is what it is...tradition. But the non-traditional PE and Sport, having become more user-friendly has used the traditional methods to overtake its competition (pun intended). What that process is dynamic, some of us are still stuck in the normal mode and not realising the potential of equality in the education system where we all can benefit. Picture this, a school, college, university where the best of the traditional and non-traditional meets....the athletes in any of those institutions are managed by their peers in the traditional line. Where the community stadium is managed by the people there and the earnings are spent there to improve services, accessories and the lives of people. What about this don't we get? The Business Model has been presented by The Business of Sport and I invite the doubters to engage us to catch up to speed with the information. Research has also shown that sport can be used as 'soft power' for a nation such as Jamaica which continues to battle with its economic activities. I could make the same justification for music and entertainment. One of the challenges of being in a small circle, is none of us are willing to make bold decisions and move on with the programme; we have (The Business of Sport) and we urge you to join us. Education needs to be redefined in Jamaica as part of a community where Parents, Teachers, Community Leaders forge partnerships with the students to build a nation. I challenge the Ministry of Education to create this model for growth for education. Be open to ideas that work and use people who are capable to manage. Get in the Game!

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Leahcim Semaj said...

We must use this opportunity to broaden this necessary conversation. We have a strong comparative advantage in this area and are blind to the possibilities.