Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tales of London - Day One

With just under two days before Jamaica's track and field team begin its pursuit of greatness, the solid attention Alia Atkinson and Samantha Albert have given - is just a sign of what is to come. London is all JAMAICA. Well, certainly everywhere I have been so far. In a little town on the East Side almost as quaint and cool as Moneague, I found a magazine - Whats on festival guide - and on the cover is one Usain Bolt. Well Sally Jones painted the usual picture and all of the world waits - hmmmm Anyway, so far the city has been purring with excitement - from WiFi being free underground - courtesy of Virgin Media, to Get Ahead of the Games which told you what were the 'hot spots' for the Games; Rosetta Stone asking for Unity in Sport to the Mayor, Transport Department, National Rail and the Highway Agency with ads about how to and when to - London is the place to be. There is a sign which says "one million people will pass through this place every day" I was part of the million today and WOW! Stratford is where the Olympic Park is adjoining the massive Westfield Mall and the courteous folks who give you directions and seem ready for the millions more to come by August 12. Of course one of the million I saw today was someone who follows me on Twitter and he walks up to me by the entrance of the Westfield Mall and greets me with joy....he is from Australia - can you believe? Anyway we took pictures and did the chat up thing and we left...picture attached Amidst the one million we are recognised by lots of people and it's only day one since we got in. Unlike Daegu I have not encountered any taxi men yet....but I am sure I will have Tales of the Tube.... More to come Talk again soon

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