Friday, August 24, 2012


Sport is something we have grown to love more and more and after 64 years of doing well and even great at the international level, Jamaica's efforts to build its sporting industry will take some work from all its people inside and out of the country. Here are some questions that we should try to answer as we build on this fast-growing sector * What is the industry worth? * What is the annual spend on Sport Advertising? * What is the revenue of each sporting federation a) football b) basketball c) netball d) track and field e) volleyball f) swimming g) horseracing h) cricket i) golf to name a few Health and gym facilities are also part of the sporting industry as it employs a significant number of persons. Sports and the economy can be based on the participation of the variety of paid personnel in the industry to include - coaches and other technical staff - teaching - professional athletes - referees, umpires and other officials - amusement, gambling and recreation - sporting goods and retail (manufacturing) The academic institutions should look further into what programmes are already in place and create more to support the base of the programme; while focusing on looking at the "Sports Industry Experience" - acknowledge the facts and look at the challenges. It may even require the government to rationalise the role of its sports agencies to meet the growing demand for the industry to look at industry standards and make recommendations for further development. The ultimate for Jamaica, as we have come to know, is preparation and performance, but there is so much more we can explore. Let's do this!

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