Friday, August 10, 2012

The Caribbean - an OASIS for Sport Development

What the Caribbean islands have done at this Summer Olympic Games has been unprecedented and it is not done. While some of the islands have not been up to par, others have stepped in and done their part. The Caribbean presence has been superbly strong. The headlines in the papers, images and videos have not gone one day with some Caribbean influence. Take a look at the 400 metres for men and you will understand what I am talking about. Kirani and his Caribbean teenage sensations have just knocked over the rest of the world. In that finals of eight...five men were from the Caribbean and Jamaica had no presence there. However the Caribbean power is still STRONG. The Caribbean has an issue with insularity and some level of small island behvaiour that we can do without, however with agencies like CEDA, CARICOM (Yes I said it) and JAMPRO etc....we can make this happen. Drop the politics! We have tons of Caribbean people who are great influencers we can use to get this train running. We have some things to get to * World Cup Football 2014 * Summer Olympics 2016 * World Championships 2015 and 2017 many other major sporting events. In the meantime, let us tell our stories in our way - INVEST in the Caribbean. Make our models work. * Run effectiev academies * Maintain our facilities * Send our children to school * Focus on our jouney and be mindful of those around us * Get to meetings on time * Maintain and surpass international standards * Conduct grooming courses * Manage our own affairs ...etc etc etc I could go on, but I won't....let us MOVE and become the WORLD Power we obviously are Like · · Unfollow Post · Share · Delete

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Jean Anita said...

Excellent commentary - if our leaders throw this away, them we should know what to do with them!!