Wednesday, November 21, 2012


SPANISH TOWN, November 20 After three decades of contributing to the growth and development of Physical Education and Sport in Jamaica, the GC Foster College continues to prepare candidates to fulfil the growing demands of the sport industry. Continuing its core function to train PE teachers, the College has also been engaged in complementing and supplementing new and relevant skills sets through its offer of related courses. The 2012 version of the Graduation exercise scheduled for Sunday, November 25 will feature the success of some of those related courses and will see the successful candidates for the newly installed two-year coaching, sports instruction and sports massage therapy programmes. A total of 31 will collect certificates and diplomas for successfully completing their courses. Additionally, 88 persons will collect the bachelor’s degree in physical education and 76 persons the diploma in teacher education. The College recently celebrated five of its massage therapy programme graduates who were part of the Jamaican team to the London 2012 Olympic Games. The institution which was a gift from Cuba has been in existence since 1980 will also honour four stalwarts who were integral to the establishment of the College. They are the former Prime Minister, Michael Manley, Hugh Small, former Minister of Education, Youth and Sport; Derrick Heaven former Member of Parliament; and Cedric McCulloch former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport. According to Principal Edward Shakes “the College represents an enduring legacy of Michael Manley’s foresight and recognition of the importance of sport to national development, and with sport emerging as a great business opportunity, the institution is poised to prepare its students for the market.” Minister of Education, Deacon Ronald Thwaites will deliver the keynote presentation and will charge the new professionals to be excellent in their offer of service to Jamaica and the wider global market. Principal Edward Shakes is reiterating that he expects the graduates to continue to uphold the good reputation of the institution as they strive for personal growth while contributing to nation building. The College has a capacity for over 600 students and they are currently participating in courses for Certificates, Diploma, and Bachelor's Degree programmes primarily in Teacher Education and Coaching, but also in related programmes geared towards an ever-growing sport industry.


Toni Braun said...

Thanks for this insight into the Jamaican Sports Industry!
Greetings, Toni

Horace Scobie said...

Thanks, Carole.

This gives me a little enlightenment, though it is difficult finding any statement of facts and figures re the (relatively recent recognition for the) work of GCF College since its controversial inception in 1980.