Thursday, November 15, 2012


By nature there is expected conflict in sport as it relates to competition on or off the field/track. In this case there is a bid for leadership and what inevitably happens in a run up to an election, contenders present a best case scenario at the expense of their opponents. What has happened in the JAAA is unfortunate, but it is real. The previous years may have and did have conflict, however the conflict was managed and the public was not privy to some of the minor details which existed. Fast forward to 2012, there is a three pronged-bid for leadership of the most powerful sporting body in Jamaica and so far it is showing some not so pleasant sides. Tempers will flare, lies will be told, unkind things will be said and so many other issues will be brought to the fore, but at the end of the day, track and field must have the best option to lead the sport forward for a new agenda. It may be important to some stakeholders to dissect the personalities and issues at hand and at some point when the dust settles, those issues must be resolved. An election exercise is due on November 29 and a new team will be elected to lead and manage track and field at least for four years so the focus should and must change. The recommendation for a resolution should be of paramount interest at this juncture and we can think of some ideals to achieve * Fairness * Professionalism * Confidence - knowing a solution is close * Putting the sport first This issue can be best served as a teaching moment and while we acknowledge the public display of JAAA's inside activity is bad for the image of the sport. The resolution is going to be a positive end to this game. I am almost tempted to use of the analogy of 'break up to make up'. I suggested a mediator for the process and there are some neutral individuals I could recommend. Milton or Christopher Samuda - both attorneys, both have experience in mediation in sport too. The Samudas would then select the best team to carry out this process. The next few years are even more critical for track and field and the first step is to get the team on board to focus on the growth and development of track and field and create the best environment for athletes. Track and field's legacy will not be destroyed as long as the big picture remains the goal.

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