Tuesday, November 13, 2012

JAAA Presidential Candidates - Issues to debate

This is a call for the contending presidential candidates of the JAAA and their teams to put forward their plans to their delegates and the wider public. The track and field management in Jamaica must be transformed to meet the growing demands of the global society. The fact that there are three candidates suggests there is an interest in the development, but we would not want isolation of anyone. The debate is expected to highlight a few points 1. The mission and vision of the new team 2. The role track and field will continue to play in Jamaica's sport industry 3. As one of the most recognizable track and field brands in the world, how will it influence change on the global scale 4. What strategies will be employed for effective management? This is the first time I think we have three specific teams and it says something, but we should engage all. Also we should move away from isolating folks who genuinely want to help and the "slate' voting has been an issue in our politics - so I am hoping for a full engagement The quality of the folks running is of international repute and there should be a way to have them all on board regardless of who wins. The format I think should be • Presidential candidates debate • Audience be the other team members Moderators could come from independent private sector officials who can maintain as much neutral positions as possible. Additionally the new team should set up the following commissions • Medical • Press and Media • Marketing • Officials • Technical/Coaching • Finance • Legal • Records and Statistics • Overseas Liaisons - Diaspora • Education/Academic Development Whichever team wins the above-mentioned commissions should be set up for effective management.

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