Sunday, May 6, 2012

Email rules - we should all use

There are some misconceptions regarding the use of email and I thought I would just remind us 1. Make sure you have the correct email address 2. Use a signature at the end of your email with phone numbers and mailing address where applicable 3. The subject line should represent what the email is about (like a headline) - you can use up to 5 words e.g. Birthday party for JOHN 4. Use proper English, Spanish or whatever language you speak - twitter language with shortened versions of words have NO place in an email 5. Always re-read your emails to make sure you have the correct information and spelling. Not all email formats have a spell check 6. NEVER send an email when you are angry - NEVER 7. People get lots of emails in a day, be brief and concise in emails you send 8. If you are writing to a team at work, you can use emails in the "To" box, however there are folks you know who may not want their emails broadcast to the world, use the bcc box 9. When you are inviting people to an event use the bcc box 10. Some emails do not warrant a reply e.g a thought for the day 11. Use the forward function mostly when someone may have been left off an email list by error These are just a few, but I am sure there are more Feedback desired :)

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