Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jamaican Sports Business Awards

Sports is vital to a country's development and Jamaica in its 50th year has its eyes focused on capturing the hearts and minds of the world at the Summer Olympic Games in 2012, the World Athletics Championships in 2013, the Word Cup Football in 2014 and the World Netball Championships in 2015. As the President for The Business of Sport, Jamaica, I would like to present some awards for the 2011/2012 period. The views expressed are simply my own and isn't anyway, influenced by any organisations or institutions I am a part of. Now here we go. 1. Lifetime Achievement - Lindy Delapenha - he turned 85 on May 20 and played multiple sport, but was the first guy of colour to play professional football in the UK 2. Executive of the Year - Andrew Price & Clyde Jureidini (Boys Town & Harbour View Football Clubs) 3. Sports Event of the Year - Boys and Girls Champs 4. Sports Media - KLAS Sport Radio 5. League of the Year - Contender Series (Boxing) 6. Sports Sponsor of the Year - Supreme Ventures Lotteries Limited 7. High School - Edwin Allen 8. TV Station - TVJ 9. Athletic Director of the Year - Dalton Myers (UWI) 10. Best use of Digital Media - Phase Three Production 11. Best Talent Representation - goes without saying (lol) - UBML 12. Event with Best Experiential Marketing - Business House Volleyball I think we could develop this and set up a peer award as we go beyond 50 years so we can record what happens in our sporting history. Your feedback is vital

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